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The IAEA Board of Governors November meeting has concluded


The IAEA Board of Governors, which meets 5 times a year, held its latest meeting between 20-24 November 2017 with the attendance of the HAEA’s representative. The main focus of the IAEA Board of Governors November meeting was the IAEA technical cooperation programme for 2018/2019, but other items, such as nuclear energy and applications, nuclear safety and security issues as well as the nuclear verification in Iran, and other safeguards topics were also discussed at the meeting.

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Recent Developments in Nuclear Safety in Hungary - October 2017.


Semi-annual safety performance assessment, 2017. Arrangement between the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC) and the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority for the Exchange of Technical Information and Cooperation in Nuclear Safety. Memoranda of Understanding signed on the margin of the IAEA’s 61st General Conference (Country Programme Framework – CPF). Memoranda of Understanding with the Polish and Moroccan authorities. The nuclear qualification process of the main contractor and the most important subcontractors of the new Paks nuclear power units is about to finish. ConvEx-3 (2017) excercise. BUTE Training Reactor Periodic Safety Review. Modification of construction licence of the Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility. Professional registration at the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority. The operation license of the Radioactive Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility. Construction License of the Reinforced Concrete Vault in the National Radioactive Waste Repository I-K3 Disposal Chamber.

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HAEA gave presentations in St. Petersburg on the Hungarian legal framework regarding the new NPP units


On 31th of October 2017, at St. Petersburg the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority – the competent organization for providing explanation of the nuclear safety requirements – held lectures about the most important Hungarian legislation regarding the design and construction of nuclear power plants, including the nuclear safety requirements, to facilitate the common understanding on the requirements of all interested parties playing role in the construction of the Paks II. NPP.

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Austrian-Hungarian bilateral meeting


On 16-17 October, 2017, the annual Austrian-Hungarian bilateral meeting was held at the headquarters of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority. During the meeting, which was attended by nearly 40 experts, both parties informed each other about the main changes, results and developments of the past year and the challenges ahead. The main topics of the meeting were the changes in the legal framework, the state of play of the new nuclear units at Paks NPP, the lifetime extension of the existing units, emergency preparedness, radiation monitoring, radioactive waste management in the two countries and the results of the IPPAS Mission conducted in Hungary in the summer of 2017.

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Visit of Moldavian experts in the HAEA


On 2-3 October 2017 three experts of the Moldavian National Agency for Regulation of Nuclear and Radiological Activities visited the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority in the framework of technical cooperation programme of the IAEA.

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