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Uzbek delegation

Uzbek delegation visits Hungary


12-15 February 2019 Uzbek governmental delegation paid a visit to Hungary to observe experience of the licensing procedure of the new nuclear power plant units. On 14th of February, Mr Gyula Fichtinger, Director General of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority received the delegation composed of members of parliament and representatives of Uzatom Agency.

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romanian delegation

Delegation of the Romanian regulatory authority visits Hungary


The delegation of the Romanian regulatory authority led by its president visited Hungary between 12-14 February, 2019 to consult on specific issues related to the implementation of the EU directive on protection against ionising radiation.

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Statement about radioactive source event


On 21st January 2019 a well-logging geophysical probe containing radioactive source was dropped to the bottom of a1800 m deep well near Pecs city, Hungary. The cause of the event was the break of the probe head due to material failure. The license holder responsible for handling the radioactive source and performing the well-logging probe informed the regulatory body about the event on 22nd January 2019. The successful retrieval of the sealed source was only possible on 6th February 2019, using a modified retrieval technology based on the approval and oversight of the regulatory body with the involvement of a subcontractor licensed for such an activity. The INES 1 level event (anomaly) had no consequences to the environment and to the public.

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Moroccan delegation

Moroccan delegation visits HAEA


The delegation of the Moroccan Nuclear Regulatory Body – led by the Director General, Dr Khammar Mrabit, paid a visit to Hungary from 4 to 6 February, 2019. During the three-day program experts of the HAEA held several presentations about the activities of the Authority, the Hungarian nuclear programme, the regulations of radioactive waste management and radioactive waste storage facilities, the rules of nuclear safety (including authorization and inspections of research reactors), and the regulations of radiation protection.

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the final repor

IRRS Follow-up Mission’s Final Report is available on HAEA website


The International Atomic Energy Agency has sent the final report on the IRRS Follow-up Mission to the HAEA, which is now available on our website.

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