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EPREV Follow-up Mission

IAEA EPREV Follow-up Mission has been posponed due to pandemic situation


The EPREV Follow-up Mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency was originally planned for October 2020 to review the progress based on the recommendations and suggestions of the previous Emergency Preparedness Review Mission in 2016. Due to the pandemic situaton the Follow-up Mission had to be posponed to the first half of 2021.

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Hungary ranked outstanding again on the Nuclear Security Index


In the Nuclear Security Index report published by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) on 22nd July, which assesses globally the security of nuclear materials, Hungary, as in the previous years, achieved outstanding results. In the field of supporting global efforts, Hungary received 90 points out of 100 by the index, and ranked 6th in the list of 154 countries, plus in the field of facility protection the country got 84 points and the 5th rank out of the 47 countries examined.

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Paks II. Ltd. submitted the construction license application to the HAEA


On 30th June, 2020, the Paks II. Ltd. submitted the construction license application for the new nuclear units to the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority. The regulatory procedure will start on the 1st of July 2020. To make a decision, the HAEA has 12 months that can be extended with additional 3 months if needed.

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IAEA equipment

Hungary received equipment from IAEA to detect coronavirus


In March 2020, the International Atomic Energy Agency offered member states if they require its support to send equipment to enable them to use a nuclear-derived technique to rapidly detect the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The IAEA is using its own resources as well as extrabudgetary funding for its emergency COVID-19 assistance. A number of countries, including Hungary, requested the support of the IAEA, and in June, the National Public Health Center in Budapest received the shipment.

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HAEA to end teleworking period


Since some measures related to the pandemic in Hungary have been lifted, based on the recommendations of the Defense Working Committee set up in March, the Director General of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority decided to end the teleworking period and get back to the normal operation of the Authority from 15th of June. However, some safety measures will still be in force.

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