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Source: IAEA

HAEA submitted the Preliminary Safety Report


The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority submitted the Preliminary Safety Analysis Report and its supporting reports related to the regulatory licensing procedure of the new nuclear units to the International Atomic Energy Agency. The document was sent to the IAEA in preparation for the Technical Safety Review (TSR) Mission. The purpose of the TSR Mission is to examine the Preliminary Safety Report, which serves as a base for the construction license application, and to assess whether the units planned for Paks meet IAEA safety standards. An international team of experts, coordinated by the IAEA, will implement the Mission.

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The CNPP 2020 Edition has been published


The Country Nuclear Power Profile is yearly updated by the International Atomic Energy Agency; the latest 2020 edition has been released in October.

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Source: IAEA

64th IAEA General Conference has concluded in Vienna


At the 64th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency, held in Vienna from 21 to 25 September, Member States adopted resolutions that could strengthen the IAEA's activities in the field of nuclear science, technology, applications, nuclear safety, security and safeguards. Resolutions were also adopted requesting the IAEA to continue carrying out its functions during the COVID-19 pandemic in all domains of its mandate, and on strengthening the effectiveness and improving the efficiency of Agency safeguards.

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The Paks II Ltd. has submitted the physical protection licence application to the HAEA


On 24 September, 2020, the Paks II. Ltd. has submitted the physical protection licence application that contains the physical protection plan of the new nuclear units, to the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority.

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IAEA General Conference

64th IAEA General Conference in Vienna


The 64th IAEA General Conference will be held from 21 to 25 September 2020 in Vienna, Austria, where high-ranking representatives from IAEA Member States will hold discussions about several issues. In conjunction with the General Conference a Scientific Forum on Nuclear Power and the Clean Energy Transition will be convened.

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