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Entrance to HAEA headquarters has changed


Due to construction works on the office building, entrance to the headquarters of HAEA has changed from 1st March 2017. Visitors can enter the building from Pacsirtamező Street 17., 1036 Budapest. (Limited number of parking places are available for guests arriving by car.) Pass with photo (ID card, passport, drivers’ license, etc.) is required for registration. The mailing address of HAEA has not been changed.

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Reaction to the misleading information about HAEA’s legal background


The latest modification of the Act on Atomic Energy was encouraged by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, which participated in the preparatory work and agrees to the change of content. The HAEA prepared and sent the draft modification of the Government Decree, which provides details to the Section 67 of the Act, to the Ministry of National Development.

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Public consultation on TPR-Technical Specifiations


The draft version of the „Report Topical Peer Review 2017 Ageing Management Technical Specification for the National Assessment Reports” is available for public consultation on WENRA (Western European Nuclear Regulators Association) website.

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Recent Developments in Nuclear Safety in Hungary - October 2016.


Semi-annual safety performance assessment. National action plan reviewed. Licensing of safety and control rods’ reconstruction at Paks NPP. Diesel generator inoperable during testing due to failure of starting air reducer. Modification of construction license of the Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility. Periodic safety review of the BUTE Training Reactor. The new regulation of the radioactive waste repositories in the mirror of the WENRA’s safety reference levels of radioactive waste disposal.

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Bilateral meetings on the margin of the 60th General Conference


During the 60th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency, representatives of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority initiated several bilateral meetings providing an opportunity to further strengthen international cooperation and the exchange of information.

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