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International review of nuclear emergency preparedness in Hungary


The delegation of nine internationally recognized experts, invited by the International Atomic Energy Agency, has started the review of nuclear emergency preparedness in Hungary. The official opening meeting was held at the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior (NDGDM) in Budapest on June 13, 2016. During the two-week Emergency Preparedness Review Service (EPREV) mission the experts will review the respective Hungarian legislation, visit all the nuclear facilities and radioactive waste repositories as well as some institutions using radioactive sources in the country. They will also make interviews with staff working in organizations involved in nuclear emergency response and emergency management. At the end of the mission, the experts will prepare a report on the results of the review, in which in addition to recommendations and suggestions aiming at improving the national system, good practices will also be identified and thus Hungarian knowledge and experience could be utilized on the international level. The tasks associated with the two-week mission will be coordinated by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority in close cooperation with the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior.

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Bilateral Meeting between Austria and Hungary about New Reactor Units


After the usual annual bilateral meeting in October 2015, Austria put several further questions to Hungary concerning the planned new reactor units of Paks NPP, so as a follow-up to the one in October last year, an extraordinary bilateral meeting was held on 19 May 2016.

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Quadrilateral Meeting in the Czech Republic


The usual annual meeting of the Czech, Hungarian, Slovak and Slovenian nuclear regulatory authorities was held in the Czech Republic from 17 to 18 May 2016. The parties described the most important events at their respective authorities, changes in the legislation in their countries last year and other information in connection with the operation of nuclear power plants.

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Recent Developments in Nuclear Safety in Hungary


Annual safety performance assessment. Review of the Paks II preliminary safety information report. HAEA’s MDEP membership accepted. Introduction of 15-month refuelling cycle. Paks NPP submitted the SLE application of Unit No. 3 Operating status restored at the RWTD Facility. HAEA joined the INEX-5 exercise. Forthcoming EPREV Mission to Hungary.

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HAEA joined the INEX-5 international nuclear emergency preparedness exercise


On 16th March, 2016 international nuclear emergency preparedness exercise took place with the participation of Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary based on the scenario of a severe sleet happened in Slovenia, causing a critical situation in the country, threatening the Krsko Nuclear Power Plant. Beside the organs of the Directorate General for National Disaster Management, the HAEA Emergency Response Organization was also activated: our experts helped the decision makers by providing analysis and proposals.

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