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HAEA to end teleworking period


Since some measures related to the pandemic in Hungary have been lifted, based on the recommendations of the Defense Working Committee set up in March, the Director General of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority decided to end the teleworking period and get back to the normal operation of the Authority from 15th of June. However, some safety measures will still be in force.

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Recent Developments in Nuclear Safety in Hungary, June 2020


The new issue of the HAEA’s Nuclear Safety Bulletin presenting a number of interesting articles is now available. In the new issue you can read about the most significant statistical data on nuclear safety and the recent legal changes in Hungary. The HAEA provides detailed information on the safety zone for nuclear installations and radioactive waste storage facilities, on the regulatory licensing and supervision activity of HAEA related to the new unit construction project, on the status of the Periodic Safety Reviews' tasks of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, as well as on the final review of the National Action Plan at the end of 2019.

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HAEA cancels its international events in Budapest until end of October


The Director General of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority decided to cancel all international events hosted by the HAEA in Budapest until 31 October, based on the pandemic situation and the uncertain travel conditions. In this period, official international trips of the HAEA staff are not allowed either.

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Source: IAEA

Hundreds of IAEA online courses are available for free


Billions of people are locked down these days as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, many of them are stuck in self isolation. Taking this into consideration, International Atomic Energy Agency highlighted its free online courses on nuclear related subjects, from basic to advanced.

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Source: IAEA

IAEA Board of Governors Meeting in Vienna


The regular meeting of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency – with the participation of Hungary as member of the Board since last September - was held in Vienna from 9 to 13 March 2020. Highlights of the meeting included the nuclear safety review, the nuclear technology review of 2020, and Iran among other topics.

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