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Recent Developments in Nuclear Safety in Hungary - April 2017.


Annual safety performance assessment. Cooperation agreement with Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. Comprehensive inspection in the Paks NPP. On-power Maintenance of Paks NPP Units. Site licensing of the new NPP units. RWTDF applied for a comprehensive license. Simultaneous inoperability of two out of three safety systems due to fuel pump failure of a diesel generator. Transport Security Exercise in cooperation with the National Police Headquarters. RESPEC support.

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Convention on Nuclear Safety: the 7th Review Meeting concluded in Vienna


The 7th Review Meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS), which started on 27 March 2017, concluded on 7 April 2017 after its two-week session. Several points of the Hungarian practice was established as good performance, increased measures of transparency were established as a good practice, a model for other Contracting Parties.

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Europe-wide emergency exercise hosted by Hungary


Based on the RESPEC (Radiological Emergency Support Project for the European Commission) contract between the European Commission (EC), Directorate-General for Energy and the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, the HAEAorganised the annual ECUREX exercise in coordination with the EC. The ECUREX is a nuclear emergency response exercise for testing and examining the ECURIE (European Community Urgent Radiological Information Exchange) system.

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Announcement of regulatory decision


The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority approved the site license application of the MVM Paks II Nuclear Power Plant Development Private Limited Company.

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Convention on Nuclear Safety: the 7th Review Meeting has started in Vienna


Every three years, during the two weeks of the Review Meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety, representatives of Member States discuss their National Reports with each other in a peer review process.

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