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Act CXVI of 1996 on Atomic Energy

Act CXL of 2004 on the General Rules of Administrative Proceedings and Services

Govt. decree 112/2011. (VII.4.) Korm. on the scope of authority of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority in relation to European Union obligations and international obligations in connection with atomic energy, on the designation of co-authorities contributing to the regulatory proceeding of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, and on the scientific council assisting the work of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority

Govt. Decree 155/2014. (VI.30.) Korm. on the safety requirements for facilities ensuring interim storage or final disposal of radioactive wastes and the corresponding authority activities

- Annex I – Management systems of storage and disposal facilities

- Annex II – Design, construction, operation of the storage and disposal facility, closure and institutional control of the disposal facility

Govt. Decree 246/2011. (XI.24.) Korm. on safety area of nuclear facilities and radioactive waste repositories

Govt. Decree 167/2010. (V.11.) Korm. on national nuclear emergency preparedness and response

Ministerial Decree 16/2000 (VI. 8.) EüM of the Minister of Health on the Implementation of Certain Provisions of the Act CXVI of 1996 on Atomic Energy

Ministerial Decree 15/2001. (VI.6.) KöM of the Minister for Environment on radioactive discharges to the atmosphere and into waters during the use of atomic energy and on monitoring of the discharge

Decree 47/2003. (VIII.8.) ESZCSM of the Minister of Health, Social and Family Affairs on certain issues of interim storage and final disposal of radioactive wastes, and on certain radiohygiene issues of naturally occurring radioactive materials concentrating during industrial activity

Govt. decree 213/2013. (VI. 21.) on the Special Committee of the Central Nuclear Financial Fund

Govt. decree 214/2013. (VI. 21.) on the rules of financial support to local government associations for oversight and information from the Central Nuclear Financial Fund

Ministerial decree 5/2015. (II.27.) BM of the Minister of the Interior on specific fire safety requirements associated with the application of atomic energy and on the method of their enforcement in the practice of authorities.