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IAEA to Coordinate Major Exercise to Test Nuclear Accident Response


Vienna, 8 July 2008 - The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will coordinate a major exercise to test the response to a simulated accident at Mexico's Laguna Verde nuclear power plant starting tomorrow, 9 July 2008. 74 IAEA Member States and 10 international organizations will join the 48-hour drill to evaluate national and international preparedness for a possible nuclear or radiological emergency. Hungary will also take part in the exercise.

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EuroMeSCo Quarterly Seminar: "Nuclear Proliferation in the Euro-Mediterranean Area – Current Trends and Policy Options for Europe"


The latest Quarterly Seminar, organised in cooperation with the Hungarian Institute for International Affairs (HIIA), took place in Budapest on 6 June 2008. Gathering key experts in the field, this meeting considered questions such as: what do current international nuclear trends suggest about the changing approach to proliferation and disarmament? What new threats lie in wait within the Euro-Mediterranean region? Where is the exploration of nuclear energy headed? How can the EU and the EMP mediate and influence these different nuclear developments? József Rónaky, Director General of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority was invited to give a presentation with the title "Nuclear energy: renaissance and globalization”

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CNRA Meeting


The Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (CNRA) held its second annual meeting on December 3-4 2007 in Paris. Ivan Lux, Deputy Director of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, the Hungarian member of the Committee gave a presentation on the power uprate of the Paks NPP from regulatory point of view and presented a short summary on the events of interest in Hungary. Regulatory Challanges Related to Power Uprate - Hungarian Experience
Iván Lux and Jenő Zsoldos
Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority
Nuclear events of interest in Hungary (2007/2)

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Nuclear emergency response exercise


On 14 November 2007 the Paks NPP held its annual nuclear emergency response exercise together with the following public administration organs: - Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority Emergency Response Organization (HAEA ERO), - Governmental Co-ordination Committee Operative Staff, - Governmental Co-ordination Committee Nuclear Emergency Response Working Group, - Governmental Co-ordination Committee Emergency Centre, - Tolna, Bács-Kiskun and Fejér County Defense Committees. The exercise was evaluated by centrally appointed evaluators, moreover it was observed by international observers from the Czech Republic, the European Commission and the USA. Based on the exercise scenario, a simulated emergency situation at the Paks NPP and its radiological consequences were assessed by the participants. The main objectives of the exercise were to test the equipments of and cooperation between the national emergency response organizations. The exercise was declared successful based on the fast-evaluation of the participants. The evaluation report will be completed by the chief evaluator Dr. József Rónaky, director general of HAEA, and it will contain the areas of improvement and the related corrective actions.

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