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'Plucky Puli' national nuclear security exercise

national nuclear security exercise

The United States Department of Energy, together with the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, held the 'Plucky Puli' national nuclear security exercise on the 6th and 7th November with the participation of other Hungarian partner organisations.

Participants and observers were delegated by the organisations of the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Energy Research, the National Institute of Environmental Health and by the HAEA.

During the exercise the national action plan’s cohesion and feasibility was tested through two scenarios. This action plan regulates the necessary actions and notifications against an attempted theft of radioactive material. The work out of the plan was started after the workshop held in the same topic in October 2017 and was made by a working group of the participating organisations’ representatives. The scenarios took place in a real Hungarian location and included more ways of theft. The participants had to answer questions and solve tasks connecting to the scenarios, using the action plan and their own internal procedures.

On the second day the participants and observers determined what modifications and improvements have to be made in the action plan and discussed the possibility of widening the scope of the plan and the integration of it with other existing national level plans. Following the detailed evaluation of the exercise the working group will continue the work started in the subject of nuclear security.