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The HAEA hosted an international expert working group meeting


The VVER group of the OECD NEA's Multinational Design Evaluation Programme (MDEP) is a professional forum for the nuclear authorities of countries involved in the construction of new Russian VVER type nuclear power plant units. The 9th meeting of the Technical Expert Subgroup on Reactor Pressure Vessel and Primary Circuit took place at the end of January. Participants of the meeting discussed topics arising from the new units of Russian design from the national authorities' point of view.

During the 3-day meeting several topics were addressed by the participants, such as welding and material testing issues during construction, the possibilities of applying the new types of main equipment (steam generator, main circulating pump, etc.) or the evaluation of structural materials for the reactors to be built.

According to plans, the next meeting of the working group, where national practices and experience will be shared by the members, will take place in six months.