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Recent Developments in Nuclear Safety in Hungary - October 2017.


Semi-annual safety performance assessment, 2017. Arrangement between the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC) and the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority for the Exchange of Technical Information and Cooperation in Nuclear Safety. Memoranda of Understanding signed on the margin of the IAEA’s 61st General Conference (Country Programme Framework – CPF). Memoranda of Understanding with the Polish and Moroccan authorities. The nuclear qualification process of the main contractor and the most important subcontractors of the new Paks nuclear power units is about to finish. ConvEx-3 (2017) excercise. BUTE Training Reactor Periodic Safety Review. Modification of construction licence of the Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility. Professional registration at the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority. The operation license of the Radioactive Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility. Construction License of the Reinforced Concrete Vault in the National Radioactive Waste Repository I-K3 Disposal Chamber.

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