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The HAEA delivered the IPPAS Advance Information Package to the IAEA


At the request of the Government of Hungary (received from the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority - HAEA by the International Atomic Energy Agency - IAEA on 20 June 2012), the IAEA agreed to conduct an IPPAS mission to Hungary in May - June 2013. Initial discussions were held in September 2012, during which general issues related to the conduct of the mission were discussed. In order to continue preparation for the mission, formal preparatory meeting was convened at HAEA from 22 to 23 January 2013.

The aim of the IPPAS is to make an assessment of the Hungarian national physical protection regime of nuclear and other radioactive material and associated facilities and activities, as well as for related transports, and to compare the practices in Hungary, with the CPPNM and its 2005 Amendment, the IAEA recommendations (INFCIRC 225 Rev.5) and other relevant Nuclear Security Series (NSS) guidance documents. The scope of the mission will include the review of the Hungarian nuclear security legislative and regulatory framework for nuclear and other radioactive material and associated facilities, regulatory practices (licensing, inspections and enforcement) and coordination between organizations involved in physical protection. The scope of the mission will also cover a review and evaluation of the physical protection systems in place at the Budapest Training Reactor, the Budapest Research Reactor and the Central Isotope Storage Facility, at the Paks NPP and the Spent Fuel Interim Storage Facility, as well as the assessment of the physical protection arrangements for transport of nuclear and other radioactive material. The interface with nuclear material accountancy procedures and cyber security related issues will also be addressed during the mission. In order to facilitate the efficient preparation of the international experts for the Hungarian IPPAS mission, the HAEA prepared and now delivered a package of advance documents including a detailed overview of the Hungarian nuclear applications, the legal system and the regulatory regime, as well as the translated versions of the relevant laws, physical protection regulatory guidelines, a sample license and an inspection record.