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The Paks II Ltd. has submitted the physical protection licence application to the HAEA

Source: Pixabay

On 24 September, 2020, the Paks II. Ltd. has submitted the physical protection licence application that contains the physical protection plan of the new nuclear units, to the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority.

At the end of June, 2020 the construction license application of Paks II was submitted to the HAEA. The Physical Protection Plan had to be provided maximum three months afterwards, based on the Government Decree 190/2011. (IX. 19.) on physical protection requirements for various applications of atomic energy, and the corresponding system of licensing, reporting and inspection. In the plan, Paks II. Ltd. had to present the procedures, systems and technologies they want to use to protect the future nuclear units, the nuclear and radioactive materials. The plan should contain information on the main structures and functions to prevent theft and sabotage, including cyber security elements.

HAEA’s regulatory procedure, in parallel of the evaluation of the construction license application, takes 8 months, and involves the National Police Headquarters as co-authority.