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Recent Developments in Nuclear Safety in Hungary - April 2018


2017 Safety Performance Assessment of nuclear facilities. The HAEA hosted an international expert working group meeting. Visits of IAEA fellows. WENRA meeting. The EU Topical Peer Review. The evaluation of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant's Periodic Safety Report (PSR) has begun. Comprehensive inspection exercise in Hungary under Safeguards Support Program. The experiences of the regulatory event investigation of fuel assemblies’ welding insufficiency and fuel assembly misplacement at Budapest Research Reactor. Situation of Expansion of Spent Fuel Interim Storage Facility (SFISF) in 2017. The first periodic safety review of the RWTDF is concluded. The operation license of the National Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility. Foreign bodies in the sprinkler system – Event Investigation. Changes in the HNERP.

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