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Following a successful referendum in Bátaapáti, the citizens of the village agreed with construction of the radioactive waste repository. On administrative territory of Bátaapáti located on the county border between Tolna and Baranya counties already for a decade are those geological investigations performed in course of which the location of the repository assuring the final deposition of the low and interim level radwastes were seek for. Following evaluation of the investigation results, the competent authority, the Hungarian Geological Service, classified the Bátaapáti granite as suitable for construction of the repository. At the present time the drift works of the research stall are going on with the aim of finding the outmost optimum repository location. Several weeks ago the municipality of Bátaapáti has been officially informed by the Public Agency of Radioactive Waste Management, responsible for researches, for construction of the repository as well as for its future operation, that the licensing procedure of the construction might be launched, all preparatory activities necessary for were accomplished. Taking into account this notification – in accordance with a former resolution of the municipal corporation – the municipality decided to announce a local referendum. During the recent years the citizens of the village had the chance several times to express their opinion about the planned investment, and in every case the results were outstandingly good. Now, the time came when the citizens of Bátaapáti had to announce their ultimate standpoint. On the opinion expressing referendum announced for and held on July 10, 2005 the local electors had the chance to answer the following question: „Do you agree with construction of a low and interim level radioactive waste repository in Bátaapáti?” On the local referendum 75 per cent of the entitled people took place. Thus, the opinion expression was valid and successful. 90.7 per cent of those who filled ballot-papers voted “yes”. Majority of the citizens of the village understand a promote, that the construction of the final repository for the low and interim level radioactive wastes constitutes an outstanding national target, it is of national interest, while, on the other hand it will be one of the hugest Hungarian environmental protection investments of the present period. The municipality of Bátaapáti expresses its hopes that the promoting public referendum will assist in making the decisions related to the construction of the repository as soon as possible. The Parliament’s preliminary approval in principle is required to initiate activities for preparing the establishment of a new radioactive waste disposal facility. The Hungarian Parliament is expected to take decision in its autumn session. Bátaapáti, July 11, 2005 Krachun Szilárd Mayor