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IAEA regional workshop in Budapest


From 4th to 8th of June the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority hosted the „Regional Workshop on Level 2 Probabilistic Safety Assessment Application” event which was organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

With the use of probability theory the Level 2 PSA (Probabilistic Safety Assessment) methods and applications are able to determine the potential risk of radioactive releases from nuclear facilities. These assessments help to determine those risk contributors, which can be reduced and by this the safety of the nuclear facility can be further increased. The participants of the event consisted of the invited experts and specialists of the IAEA and Level 2 PSA experts from the Central-East European region. During the event the experts presented their new projects, results, research, legal and regulatory frameworks in the following areas:

·        Risk metrics and their applicability

·        Severe accident behavior

·        Source term phenomena

·        Level 1 – Level 2 PSA interface

·        Probabilistic Analysis Event progression modeling

·        Containment structural performance

·        Human Reliability Assessment (HRA) for Level 2 PSA and dependencies between Level 1 and 2

·        Treatment of uncertainties in Level 2 PSA

·        Level 3 PSA (Quantification of health and economical effects of radioactive releases)

·        Multi-unit issues