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International Atomic Energy Agency training for nuclear specialists from developing countries in Hungary


Between October 4 and 14 in 2022 in the frame of a training course organized by the HAEA, nine foreign nuclear specialists visiting Hungary as the last stage of a 9-month IAEA training, during which they learn about the Hungarian safeguards system which systems aim is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.

Every year, the IAEA welcomes nuclear specialists from developing countries who are participating in a nine-month training program and get to know the facilities of various stages of the nuclear fuel cycle, their safeguards systems, and measurement techniques.

As part of the Hungarian Safeguards Support Programme provided to the IAEA, our country holds a two-week training course, during this training it will be presented to the participants what national and facility-level regulations in Hungary able to ensure and strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation (prevention of the spread of nuclear weapons).

The participants spent the first day of the training at the HAEA headquarters, where they were able to learn about the national nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear security, and safeguards culture in lectures. The training continues in the domestic nuclear facilities, where the experts acquire additional theoretical and practical knowledge at the Centre for Energy Research, the Institute of Nuclear Techniques of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, the Spent Fuel Interim Storage Facility and the National Radioactive Waste Repository of the PURAM Ltd. and the Mecseki Environmental Protection Base Ltd.