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Memoranda of Understanding with the Polish and Moroccan nuclear regulatory authorities


The Memorandum of Understanding between the Moroccan and Hungarian authorities was signed by Mr Khammar Mrabit, Director General of the Moroccan regulatory authority and Mr Gyula Fichtinger, Director General of HAEA on 18 September 2017, while the MoU with the Polish authority was signed by Mr Andrzej Przybycin, President of the National Atomic Energy Agency of the Republic of Poland and Mr Gyula Fichtinger, Director General of HAEA on 19 September 2017, in Vienna.

The new MoU with the National Atomic Energy Agency of the Republic of Poland concerns regulatory measures of new nuclear power plant designs (siting, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning of nuclear installations), radiation protection and physical protection, management of radioactive waste and spent fuel, radiological environmental monitoring and emergency preparedness and response. The signatories exchange information in the above-mentioned topics and the cooperation might also be carried out in the form of visits and trainings provided for the other party.

HAEA’s cooperation with the Moroccan Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security covers the development of legislative basis in the field of nuclear and radiation safety, exchange of experience in licensing, oversight and control of activities, accounting and control of nuclear materials and radioactive sources, as well as physical protection of nuclear installations. The agreement also concerns the regulatory assessment of operational indicators of nuclear power plants, plans and measures for safety improvement, emergency preparedness and response and the training of personnel of nuclear regulatory bodies. The cooperation is implemented in the form of exchange of information and documentation, visits of experts and scientific visits, organization of training courses, meetings and consultations and realization of joint projects.