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The HAEA issued the construction license to Paks II. Ltd.


On 25 August 2022, the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority issued the license for the construction of units 5 and 6 to Paks II. Ltd.

The construction licensing procedure started on 1 July, 2020. The purpose of the construction licensing procedure is to verify that the nuclear power plant to be constructed complies with the relevant legal requirements.

The condition for granting of licenses of HAEA is always the fulfilment of the requirements contained in the Nuclear Safety Codes. The HAEA made its decision based on a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the facts available, as well as on the examination of the fulfilment of legal requirements. During the procedure, the HAEA stated that the submitted application meets the Hungarian legal requirements from the point of view of nuclear safety.

For more information a please click here. For the construction license (in Hungarian) please click here.

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