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WENRA working group meeting in the HAEA

WENRA working group meeting

WENRA’s Research Reactor ad-hoc Working Group (RRWG) had a meeting on 15-18 January, 2019 at the Headquarters of the HAEA. The RRWG was established to develop safety reference levels (RLs) for existing research reactors in order to aid greater harmonization within WENRA countries raising the level of nuclear safety in Europe by their implementation in the national regulatory framework in the field of research reactor safety. The meeting was attended by 14 participants from 10 European countries.

The ad-hoc Working Group established 3 years ago held its fifth meeting this time. During this meeting WENRA experts visited the Budapest Research Reactor and the Training Reactor of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. HAEA expert presented the probabilistic safety assessment of the Budapest Research Reactor in details. The experts continued their discussions about creating of the RLs as well as other matters related to harmonization of nuclear safety in European research reactors.