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Not effective, but not yet revoked guidelines

Guidelines issued for supporting the compliance with the Nuclear Safety Code published as appendices of Govt. Decree 89/2005 (V.5.) Korm. are not valid any more from legal aspects, since the decree was overrode by Govt. Decree 118/2011 (VII.11.) Korm. in 2011 and the respective Nuclear Safety Code also changed substantially. However, taking into account this fact the technical content of the guidelines, with a simultaneous consideration of the changes of the given requirements, can be still used for given cases, thus their accessibility has been maintained. Replacement of these guidelines with new ones is in progress.

Nuclear Safety Code Volume 3.

Design requirements for nuclear power plant electric, instrumentation and control systems and components

Nuclear Safety Code Volume 4.

4.7 5.4.7 6.4.7
Operational experience feedback
Emergency preparedness in the nuclear power plant