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WENRA meeting in Budapest


WENRA’s Reactor Harmonization Working Group (RHWG) had a meeting in January 23-26 2018 at the Headquarters of the HAEA. The meeting was attended by more than 30 participants from 16 European countries and representatives of Canada, Japan were also present.

WENRA was set up in 1999 by European nuclear safety regulators to exchange experience and discuss significant safety issues. WENRA has two permanent working groups with different tasks. The Reactor Harmonization Working Group (RHWG) was established to develop safety reference levels (RLs) for existing nuclear power plants (NPP) in order to aid greater harmonization within WENRA countries raising the level of nuclear safety in Europe by their implementation in the national regulatory framework and at NPPs. During this meeting WENRA experts discussed current and possible future revisions of the RLs as well as other matters related to harmonization of nuclear safety in European NPPs.