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The IAEA Board of Governors November meeting has concluded


The IAEA Board of Governors, which meets 5 times a year, held its latest meeting between 20-24 November 2017 with the attendance of the HAEA’s representative. The main focus of the IAEA Board of Governors November meeting was the IAEA technical cooperation programme for 2018/2019, but other items, such as nuclear energy and applications, nuclear safety and security issues as well as the nuclear verification in Iran, and other safeguards topics were also discussed at the meeting.

In his statement to the Board of Governors, IAEA Director General, Mr. Yukiya Amano highlighted the IAEA’s work to help Member States achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through the technical cooperation programme. He said that 579 new IAEA technical cooperation (TC) projects had been proposed for the next two-year cycle of 2018-19. The IAEA has worked very closely with Member States to develop the new TC programme, which focuses on three priority areas: health and nutrition, nuclear safety and security, and food and agriculture. Hungary, as well as in earlier TC cycles, will also participate in and benefit from various IAEA TC regional projects in 2018-19.