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Bilateral meetings on the margin of the 61st IAEA General Conference in Vienna


The 61st IAEA General Conference has provided an opportunity for the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority to initiate senior management and expert level bilateral meetings with more than ten countries.

Under intergovernmental conventions and professional agreements concluded by the HAEA, regular annual bilateral meetings have been held with the leaders of the Belarusian, Turkish, Finnish, Russian, Croatian and American nuclear authorities. The main topic of the meetings included the evaluation of the past year and the direction of next year's cooperation.

At the Hungarian-Slovenian-Slovak-Czech quadrilateral meeting, also held on the margin of the General Conference, the delegates discussed issues of their common position toward international organizations.

Bilateral meetings were organized for the first time and memoranda of understanding were signed with the representatives of the Polish and Moroccan nuclear authorities. At the meetings, the parties  identified the first practical steps for cooperation: delegations of experts will visit Hungary in the near future.

The Polish, Moroccan, Egyptian, Iranian and Turkish authorities have indicated that they expect the HAEA to share its experiences concerning the legislation of nuclear safety, security and radiation protection.