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New publication about the first 25 years of the Hungarian Safeguards Support Programme


The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority issued a new publication about its safeguard activities in the past years and especially about the Hungarian Safeguards Support Programme to the IAEA, which celebrated its 25 years anniversary in 2016.

The document gives an overview of those internationally recognised measures that are performed in addition to the performance of routine safeguards activities undertaken in international treaties, on State and facility levels in Hungary to further strengthen the system guaranteeing the peaceful application of nuclear materials.

The 25 years anniversary of the Hungarian Support Programme to the IAEA safeguards system was celebrated in 2016. During this quarter of a century, Hungary provided voluntary support to the IAEA safeguards system, which had to comply with several international challenges. During these 25 years, the Hungarian support programme was in line with the nuclear verification tasks challenging the international safeguards system; Hungary provided support in the field of trainings, development of guidance documents, development of nuclear material verification methods, and testing of surveillance systems serving for strengthening the verification system. The document provides examples of these support tasks as well.

To download the document please click here.