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VVER Regulators’ Forum PSA Working Group Meeting in the HAEA


From 17th to 19th of April 2018 the kick-off meeting of the 5th mandate of the PSA WG (Probabilistic Safety Assessment Working Group) of the VVER Regulators' Forum, which compresses the nuclear safety authorities of countries operating VVER type reactors was taken place at the HAEA headquarters in Budapest. This PSA WG is currently chaired by Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority and its major goal is to compare and assess the legal and regulatory framework as well as the national regulatory practices in the field of PSA at the member countries, in order to provide recommendations for the members to amend and improve the supervision and insurance of nuclear safety in the member countries.

The PSA WG works in 3 to 4 year long mandates during which specific, pre-defined PSA related issues are the subject of comparison and evaluation. The current meeting that took place at the HAEA headquarters was the kick-off meeting of the 5th mandate of the PSA WG, during which the activities and tasks were finalized and scheduled for the next 3 years, for which the main focus will be on lifetime extension and management, maintenance efficiency monitoring, risk informed decision making and the risk assessment of storage facilities. For the second day of the meeting presenters were invited from the licensee and technical support organization side from the Paks NPP Zrt., the Paks II Zrt. and the NUBIKI Kft. in order to provide the WG an outlook on the PSA related activities and results at the licensees as well as an outlook on the major international research activities in the field of PSA.