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Quadrilateral Meeting at the HAEA


The annual quadrilateral meeting of the Czech, Hungarian, Slovak and Slovenian nuclear regulatory authorities was held at the HAEA, in Budapest from 3 to 4 May 2018. The parties described the most important events at their respective authorities and the regulatory work related to existing and new NPP’s since their last meeting in 2017.

The main topics of the meeting were the recent developments in regulatory bodies, events of interest at NPPs and related regulatory actions, licensing activities related to new nuclear power plant units, security and safeguards matters, development in European matters, international issues of common interest, bilateral relations and communication activities at the regulators.

In addition, the representatives of the participating authorities presented specific nuclear safety events that provide important lessons for both HAEA and Hungarian licensees.

The Hungarian delegation was led by Mr Gyula Fichtinger, Director General of the HAEA. Mr László Juhász, Head of Department, HAEA, provided an overview of the recent organizational changes at the Hungarian authority, the lifetime extension and periodic safety review of Paks NPP, the licensing activities related to the new units and the oversight of radioactive waste repositories. Mr Árpád Vincze, Head of Department, HAEA, described security and safeguards matters in Hungary. Among other topics, he informed the parties about the IPPAS Follow up Mission in 2017 and the nuclear security and safeguards arrangements for the new NPP units. Ms Ágnes Bárányné Vizi, External Relations Officer of the HAEA, presented the Authority's international relations in the past year and informed about the communication activities at HAEA.

There was intensive consultation between the parties concerning supplier audits, reporting practices of nuclear safety events, regulatory oversight activities in the maintenance period of nuclear power plant units, cyber security and transparency issues.

The next quadrilateral meeting will be organized by Slovenia in 2019.