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European Safeguards Symposium in Italy


The 41st meeting of the European Safeguards Research and Development Association (ESARDA) in Italy was held on 14-16 May 2019, where the organization also celebrated its 50th anniversary. For the symposium, three members of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority wrote a scientific paper and made a presentation on the topic of how the safeguards requirements should be taken into account from the very early stages of the design of a nuclear power plant. Such a requirement is, for example, where the cameras operated by the International Atomic Energy Agency are to be taken, or whether the route of nuclear fuel can be continuously monitored from delivery to transport from the power plant.

The symposium consisted of three sections: in the technical section, researchers presented the results of their work in the field of safeguards; in the panel section, after a short presentation, the speakers could discuss the issues with the participants in a round table, and in the poster section the exhibitors could present their work on a poster.

At the symposium, the organizers also held a specific brainstorming workshop: participants in smaller groups could discuss the challenges of the operation of the organisation, and could made a number of useful suggestions for solving them.

The HAEA is a regular, active participant in ESARDA events, admitting the importance of research and development related to the safeguards system.

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