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According to requirements set forth in Decree 1/2022. (IV. 29.) OAH of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (HAEA), certain inspection activities related to a nuclear facility can only be performed by Authorized Inspection Organizations (AIO).

An Inspection Organization has to meet requirements set forth in the Act CXVI of 1996 on Atomic Energy, Sections 16/D. para. (1), and also in HAEA Decree 1/2024. (IV. 8.) OAH to be recognized as an AIO. The two main requirements are:

  1. Accreditation by the Hungarian National Accreditation Authority based on the MSZ EN/ISO 17020 standard, meeting “Type A” independence requirements for the inspection activities, and

  2. Registration by the HAEA as an AIO.

Further information on the accreditation and registration process is available (in Hungarian language) on this link.

The list of Authorized Inspection Organizations registered by HAEA can be downloaded here.