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The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority is responsible for the regulatory tasks in connection with the use of atomic energy exclusively for peaceful purposes, the safety of nuclear facilities and transport containers, as well as with the security of nuclear and other radioactive materials and associated facilities.

One of the most important international expectations on the safe and secure use of atomic energy is that the supervisory authority shall be independent of the interests of producers, owners, service providers, as well as of the state organizations having a role in the promotion of the use of atomic energy. In Hungary, several provisions of the Act on Atomic Energy and its implementation decrees guarantee the enforcement of the international expectations on independence.

HAEA is an organization with special legal status, supervised by the Parliament. HAEA is a central budgetary body with an independent heading in the annual budget act, it has full autonomy on decisions related to its organization (headcount, structure, salaries, etc.) within its annual budget, based on its tasks. The HAEA has the power to issue regulations (Presidential Decrees) which provides an efficient regulatory tool.

In order to ensure due scientific background to the regulatory and nuclear emergency response decisions related to the safe use of atomic energy, a scientific council assists the work of the HAEA.

An important regulatory tool is the licensing, as a result of which the Authority, with the consideration of the relevant legal requirements, authorizes the licensee to perform activities in connection with the use of atomic energy.

The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, during its regulatory oversight activity, conducts comprehensive, targeted, regular and occasional inspections, during which it verifies the compliance with the requirements set forth in relevant laws and in the nuclear safety code, the accomplishment of the measures ordered by the Authority, as well as the safety and security of the various uses of atomic energy.

The HAEA regularly reviews and assesses the operation of the licensees, and the safety and security performance of the facilities. The essential part of the review and assessment activity is the investigation of events occurring at nuclear facilities. The feedback of experience gained during the investigation and analysis of events makes it possible to continuously enhance the operation and the safety level of the facility. If HAEA observes any non-compliance, it takes or orders measures to its elimination.

In line with the international expectations on regulatory independence, the HAEA resolutions and decisions cannot be compelled in the frame of a public administration process, and cannot be changed or eliminated in supervisory role. According to the law, the HAEA has the right to provide opinion to any proposal, which relates to the Act on Atomic Energy.

The HAEA submits annual reports to the Parliament on the safe application of atomic energy.