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HAEA chaired its first session of the Working Party on Atomic Questions


The Working Party on Atomic Questions will be chaired by the HAEA during Hungary’s presidency of the Council of the EU. During its first meeting Mr. Béla András Balczó presented an overview of the work programme of the Working Party for the next semester.

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HAEA’s President had a bilateral meeting with high level officials of CTBTO


On the 2 July 2024 Ms Andrea Beatrix Kádár, President of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority took part in the high-level segment of the Build-up Exercise organized by the Preparatory Commission of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) at Gyöngyös-Mátrafüred and had a bilateral meeting with the CTBTO’s high level officials. The President underlined the importance of the Treaty and Hungary’s unwavering commitment to support the activities of CTBTO.

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Hungary's EU Presidency takes off: HAEA chairs the EU Council's nuclear preparatory body for six months


In the last meeting of the Belgian Presidency, on 19 June 2024, the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority took over the chairmanship of the EU Council's preparatory body on atomic questions. The priorities of the Hungarian Presidency's six-month programme will be the situation of nuclear safety and security of nuclear facilities in Ukraine, security of nuclear fuel supply, international initiatives on small modular reactors, and highlighting the Hungarian achievements in nuclear forensics, which are outstanding at international level. From now on, HAEA will be responsible for preparing the meetings of the working group for six months and chairing the meetings, which will also be an opportunity to give greater priority to issues of importance to Hungary.

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Source: CTBTO

CTBTO field exercise in Hungary with support of HAEA


In preparation of the third CTBTO Integrated Field Exercise in Sri Lanka in 2025, Hungary hosts a three week long build up exercise from 16 June, 2024 in close cooperation with the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority.

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Consultation on the compliance of the new nuclear units with the international nuclear safeguards requirements hosted by the HAEA


The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority hosted the international nuclear safeguards consultation regarding the new nuclear power plant, held on 10 June 2024. The discussion focused on the concept of Safeguards by Design, which promotes the consideration of international nuclear safeguards requirements in the design of new nuclear power plants. The meeting was attended by representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the European Commission, Paks II Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. and HAEA , who discussed how the new blocks can meet the technical specifications set out in the international organizations’ document on basis of nuclear safeguards requirements.

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